The massage offer at Alphof Sölden.

Wellness in Sölden becomes perfect thanks to our energizing massages. Take a closer look at our offer!

Ancient knowledge about health combined with a professional massage and expert knowhow in Sölden. Our certified massage therapist Roland knows the century-old art of well-being. In further training units he has learned to use all these techniques cleverly - always made to measure for individual needs and a maximum of well-being experience. Here you choose subconsciously the matching aroma oil that exactly suits your preferences. Afterwards, Roland puts it gently on your skin while your senses go on a wonderful journey into the realm of relaxation and vitality.


Massages at Alphof

Our vast offer includes classic massages, foot reflexology, aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage, sports massage, sacral massage and many more fabulous treatments. Book your wellness program or massage and enjoy your holiday in Sölden with a special health bonus.

All massages at a glance

All massages can be booked for different durations/minutes and take place between 1.00 pm and 8.00 pm.
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Classic Massage, Sports Massage

Professionally tailored massage techniques for the back, neck and shoulders. With gentle or strong pressure, your muscles are loosened, tensions are released and new energy is available. 50 minutes: € 60 | 25 minutes: € 33


Foot Reflexology

The feet mirror the entire body with all its strengths and weaknesses. The single reflexology zones are treated with special massage techniques. 44 minutes: € 55


Aroma Massage

Precious and carefully selected essential oils. An invigorating and tension-relieving massage has positive effects on your musculoskeletal system.
50 minutes: € 60 | 25 minutes: € 33


Lymphatic Drainage

Soothing, rhythmically stroking, manual massage with a draining and detoxifying effect that also strengthens your immune system.
50 minutes: € 55


Individual Massage

Book enough time for individual treatments. The massage is effectively adapted to your individual needs. 80 minutes: € 90 | 50 minutes: € 60 | 25 minutes: € 33