Truly enchanting panoramas. Immerse yourself in an ambience that stimulates all senses.

Your hiking and ski hotel with Alpine panorama pool in Sölden attracts with incredibly promising moments.

At our hotel with Alpine panorama pool you can swim your laps in crystal-clear water throughout the seasons while enjoying the amazing view of snow-white winter mountains or lush green peaks glowing in the evening sun. Warm temperatures ensure a long and soothing swim day. A stimulating massage snail guarantees pure relaxation. No matter if you just want to float weightlessly in the water or be active in our counter-current pool area: almost everything is possible at our hiking and skiing hotel equipped with Alpine panorama pool. In the pool area you will also find ergonomically shaped loungers made of precious teak wood, just ideal for relaxing and dreaming. Why don't you book right now at the best price ever? Make your wellness dreams come true and let them touch your soul.


All details about our pool with stunning mountain views:

  • Approx. 60 m² of water surface
  • Water depth: 1.40 m
  • Water temperature: 30° Celsius
  • Massage snail for perfect relaxation
  • Counter-current pool area for endless swimming fun
  • Open from 7.00 am to 8.00 pm

Enjoy peace, quiet and relaxation

The lounge area is equipped with a variety of extremely comfortable teak beds with adjustable back. The more than 10 cm overlay ensures a relaxing stay on our beach chairs. Because there is hardly anything more beautiful than winding down and relaxing after a great day in the outdoors.