Authentic. Original. Alpine. The Tiroleans and their peculiar characteristics.

Get to know Tirol's and Ötztal's culture, customs and hearty delicacies of the Austrian Alps on your holiday in Sölden.

The international symbols of a real Tirolean are the iconic Tirolean hat and, of course, yodeling. It is probably the most famous headgear world-wide, available in many different forms and designs. Sometimes with feathers, sometimes without, made of felt or other genuine materials. Or decorated with gentian. But the typical Tirolean has many more unique characteristics. Find out for yourself what makes this people and especially Ötztal's inhabitants so special during your holiday in Sölden. The easiest way to take an insight into the Alpine traditions is to visit one of the pastures and mountain huts. Fresh draft beer, Ötztal schnapps and a hearty "Marende", the typical Tirolean afternoon snack with cold delights: crusty bread with a soft core, bacon, sausage and cheese from local farms - and of course a good mood.


Traditional Tirolean delicacies

You can enjoy Tirolean home-style cooking during your holiday at Hotel Alphof in Sölden. In a wonderful, original ambiance with authentic Tirolean flair and premium products of local farmers, dairymen and butchers from Ötztal. Our splendid sauna world, the dining hall and our Alpine panorama pool are masterpieces of contemporary Tirolean architecture and design. In addition to the authentic Tirolean hospitality, you will experience another unique highlight during your holiday in Sölden, which has recently been declared a UNESCO Intangible World Heritage: the legendary, 900-year old Ötztal dialect. But don't worry, we also speak contemporary German at Hotel Alphof. Book your holiday in Sölden at the best price and become part of this ancient culture.